Top Digital Marketing Podcasts

As technology continues to evolve it has put a new spin on multi-tasking. With a plethora of mobile devices that continue to evolve with high-end features, it is becoming possible for people to indulge in their favorite social activity while also being uninterrupted in their daily activities.

Riding on this wave, podcasting, which started as a small-scale niche endeavor, has grown by leaps and bounds. With the proliferation of technologically advanced car features alongside the smartphones, podcast has broken into the mainstream media market. There is a podcast available for any given subject today, thanks to its ease of consumption.

Digital marketing is the new business buzzword, seeing how the digital age has revolutionized everything, from the mom-and-pop store around the corner to the corporate giants. Combining the two buzz generators of today’s technology age, in this blog we bring you a round-up of the top ten digital marketing podcasts that can become your companion during your workouts, long commutes and drives, or coffee breaks.

This Old Marketing

Old Marketing PodCast

Why Subscribe: Apart from the crackling on-air dynamic between the hosts Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, each episode brings you the latest marketing trends as it relates to the cultural moments, and each episode ends with a best in-class example pulled from the archives. Although many people think content marketing is a brand new, digital-age concept, telling stories to attract and retain customers is one of the oldest marketing disciplines. And, this podcast is a tribute to that fact. Being experts in the world of content marketing, it brings the listeners industry rants, discussions around marketing headlines, and anything else you want as fuel for informed conversations around the water-cooler.

This Old Marketing:

Content Warfare

Content Walfare PodCast

Why Subscribe: Launched by Ryan Hanley as a content marketing blog to share his real-world marketing knowledge, it has now grown to include this powerful podcast. Every week Ryan educates his listeners by sharing secrets of increasing online visibility, how to tell your brand’s story, and achieve success through content marketing and social media. You can also hear from influential digital marketers like Jay Baer, Mark Schaefer, and Marcus Sheridan. The aim of this podcast is to help brands and businesses find their audience, tell their story, and win the battle for attention online, by empowering them with tips and strategies to create content that converts.

Content Warfare:

Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee PodCast

Why Subscribe: Here’s a podcast that informs and educates you over a cup of coffee. Hosted by the two marketing greats John J. Wall and Christopher Penn, this weekly podcast covers all the classic and new marketing concepts. This podcast provides some great insights for seasoned marketers, and also features guests like HubSpot’s CMO Mike Volpe and Seth Godin. This show that meets at the intersection of marketing, technology, and community outreach, is recorded at a coffee shop, hence, the name.

Marketing Over Coffee:

The Marketing Companion

The Marketing Companion PodCast

Why Subscribe: Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster, social media, strategy, and marketing gurus, host this informative and entertaining show that is published twice a month. Listeners of this podcast will learn how to elevate their business to new digital marketing competencies, ways to assess their current marketing strategy, and drive significant value from their content and social media marketing efforts. You will find answers to all your important questions like what determines the success of your marketing program to covering controversial yet relevant topics like ad blocking and banning social media in the workplace.

The Marketing Companion:

The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

Why Subscribe: This is one of the most popular podcasts covering all the important aspects of SEO in the iTunes store. Chris Burres and Charles Lewis, recognized experts in Internet marketing and hosts of this popular podcast, answer a range of questions like the importance of valuable content, how to use relevant links to avoid Google penalties, why you need email marketing, and the most promising online marketing trends to watch out for. Drawing from their intense knowledge and passion for business, they help businesses grow by teaching them tips to get their business on the first page of Google, and more importantly, how to convert the traffic to their website. This podcast is sure to entertain and inform its listeners.

The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing:

Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience

Why Subscribe: The goal of this podcast is to start a conversation about what it takes to create engaging content. Jenna Matecki, the host of this podcast, takes listeners through a series of talks and interviews with bloggers, data scientists, and analytics development professionals, that teach them best strategies to engage with their target audience. At the center of every marketing effort is a deep knowledge of your target audience, and this podcast brings you the experts in content distribution, audience engagement, and social measurement. Brands and businesses get a clear understanding of how to reach and engage with their audience in a way that drives business, through conversations that are natural and insights that are real.

Know Your Audience:

Social Business Engine

Social Business Engine

Why Subscribe: Here, the host Bernie Borges leads an educational format as guests share their experiences and insights on social business topics like marketing, selling, customer service, and commerce. A conversation about marketing wouldn’t be complete without a discussion around the growing influence and evolving role of social media. The podcast aims to teach listeners about how to fuel their social business journey through interviews with social business leaders representing the top brands and agencies. An incredibly well-prepared show, this should be in your podcast queue to understand why social should be a huge part of your marketing efforts, as you learn from thought leaders who share their social business success stories.

Social Business Engine:

Social Pros

Social Pros PodCast

Why Subscribe: This weekly podcast features two of the industry’s leading thought leaders Jay Baer and Jeff Rohrs, showcasing work that social media practitioners carry out for companies. The podcast is filled with insights from leading social media strategist and highlights the real work in social media done by real people. Along with the insights from a leading social media strategist, current trends and ideas in the social media industry are discussed, ratified, or debunked by Jay Baer. There is also a segment called The Big Two, where guests give rapid-fire answers to two important questions.

Social Pros:

Rainmaker FM

Rainmaker FM

Why Subscribe: This podcast covers the entire spectrum of the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. It brings you the best tips, tactics, stories, and strategies that help accelerate your business. As a pioneer in the content marketing space, they gained prominence teaching people how to write, and are now embracing the podcasting phenomenon, as audio makes more sense than text. Here you will find experts and a line-up of hosts sharing tips for aspiring entrepreneurs, on how to start your own digital platform for marketing and sales, latest insights in SEO, and answering questions regarding content marketing, email marketing, and copywriting. This podcast delivers every series in a perfect format for accessing intelligence and advice you need to succeed.

Rainmaker FM:

Experts On The Wire

Experts On The Wire

Why Subscribe: With half of the shows focused directly on SEO, and the other half exploring topics like content marketing and social media, you need to make this your go-to SEO and digital marketing podcast. All of the podcasts are written after careful research by Dan Shure, the host of the podcast. Apart from that it also features brilliant minds in digital marketing like Rand Fishkin, Annie Cushing, and John Mueller. The podcast focuses on tangible, actionable tips and tactics that listeners can apply to get more SEO and marketing success in their growing business. If you are trying to get your head around the ever-evolving nature of SEO, then this podcast should make it to your must-listen list.

Experts On The Wire:

Podcast allows you to tune into your favorite digital marketing series even when you are in the middle of your routine activity. In order to be a savvy marketer, you need to be on top of the latest digital marketing trends and find ways to learn about the tools and tactics fueling this dynamic industry’s evolution and growth.

These audio lessons, enriched with insight and knowledge, can also be downloaded and saved, so you can listen to it at your convenience, whether you are in the airport security line, waiting in the subway, stuck in rush hour traffic, or out on a leisurely walk. Turning these idle moments can now be turned into learning opportunities thanks to these valuable podcasts, which ultimately will help you stay ahead of the curve.

So, waste no time in adding these podcasts to your podcast queue, and turn every vapid routine moment into a stimulating learning experience.