PPC Advertising

Owning a small business can be daunting sometimes. You have to compete with the large-scale businesses that offer the same services as your business. In order to actually compete with them, you need a strong marketing team. Local businesses can benefit from well-known marketing tactics often used by larger-scale companies. Pay-per-click advertising is one such example. Pay-per-click marketing is used to advertise on search engines but you only have to pay when a viewer clicks on your advertisement. If you think about it, this is the perfect tool for local businesses to compete with big names.

People research everything online, including where to buy products and even where to wine and dine. When you invest in local PPC advertising, you can push your site’s advertisement to appear at the top of a search engine. The technology used to make this possible involves setting your target area in which you want to advertise. You can set this to a particular city, or even a mileage range within the city. Your advertisement would then appear when people do a local search for a specific product. This works because people often research products online using the larger-scale sites, then end up making the purchase somewhere local. If you had a pay per click advertisement, your chances of getting discovered by a local customer would increase and you can garner the right attention for your business. Let’s look at some of the benefits of investing in PPC management services for your local business.

Local Businesses Can Attain More Customers

PPC advertising for local businesses would never be possible if it weren’t for the geotargeting capabilities available to businesses across the globe. By setting your advertisement only to appear when a specific zip code or city is searched, you prevent the risk of people all across the country clicking on your site when you only offer specific local services. This works especially well for local restaurants that have to compete with popular chain restaurants. If you use the right keywords, your link will appear virtually anytime someone searches for a local restaurant in your area.

With pay-per-click advertising, you can be a step closer to recognition with larger businesses who can afford bigger marketing campaigns. Your company also will be saving money while reaching your targeted audience by using local PPC management services. You won’t be paying when people thousands of miles away are curious about your website, but only for locals who are interested in your services. This allows you to maximize your marketing tactic by only reaching your target audience. Search engines also won’t charge as much for local PPC advertising as they would when your advertisement reaches a larger audience.

Most local business owners are now using the internet in some form to market their small and medium-sized businesses. The majority focus is on the organic search rankings and why not? In theory, it’s free to get your website ranking and the benefits are excellent. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) on the other hand is a different beast altogether but if done right, it has excellent potential to quickly increase your profits.

Manipulating Google to get your website on page one for a specific search term is called search engine optimization or SEO. In a perfect world, you or your contract SEO provider adds relevant content to your site then builds links from other related sites to yours. The Google bigwigs take notice of your site and it shows up on the top of the first page for your specific keywords. Although it is great when it all works out, it generally happens slowly, over a period of weeks or months.

Why is PPC Solution Important For Local Businesses?

Even without the wrath of Google, there is the simple fact of competition in the marketplace. Even in a relatively small business area, depending on the industry, there can be hundreds of companies clamoring to get their websites at the top of the Google rankings for their niche. If you’re an hotelier, a dentist, a florist, an attorney, accountant, plumber, or contractor, for instance, you may be trying to capture consumers’ attention along with dozens of others in your field, so you better know what you’re doing. As a rule, Google usually displays only 10 organic search listings per page, so simple math suggests you’re going to have to work hard to get or keep your site where it will be seen regularly. If any business goes beyond the first two pages, you’re most likely wasting your time.

Having your local business listed in Google Places is another great idea, but the competition for top listings is fierce.

If your site isn’t listed close to the top of Google (and even if it is) considering some paid advertising in the form of PPC management services can be an excellent and extremely quick way to attract targeted prospects to your door. Here are some great reasons why you should invest:

  • When done correctly, PPC results are virtually instantaneous. You get real-time results.
  • Even if your long-term goal is organic search ranking, PPC can fill in the lead generation while you work on your Google ranking.
  • Even for sites with top Google rankings, PPC done right will provide additional revenue.
  • Even though Google will never admit it, there are some who suggest doing Google PPC can augment your site’s organic rankings. If nothing else, you’re taking up more online real estate so the likelihood a prospect will find your site is greatly increased.
  • PPC is often cheaper to do than hiring an SEO contractor and unlike the months it can take to rank a site organically, PPC results happen immediately
  • With PPC, you can implement specific geo-targeting so your ads show up only where you want them. This gives you accuracy and it’s a great use of your marketing budget.
  • Getting the right ad in front of highly receptive prospects usually lands you a customer who’s ready to do business. PPC makes this easy to do so.

Maybe it’s time to consider doing some PPC advertising for your local business. Pay-per-click campaigns can be set up with small budgets initially while you test results. While smaller campaigns can be run do-it-yourself, hiring experienced PPC management services or consultant to design a campaign for you is definitely a wise move. The results will speak for themselves.

Be Discovered Online Instantly

Pay Per Click Marketing, or what is more commonly referred to as PPC is an internet advertising system used on search engines and content sites such as blogs, where an advertiser only pays the hosting site when the ad is clicked. With most search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, or Ask.com, companies who desire to take advantage of PPC management services will usually bid on a keyword or phrase that a person would put into a search field. The term would be relevant to the products or services offered by the advertiser or company. When the price is agreed upon or won, the advertiser will pay the agreed amount for the number of times a consumer visits their site via clicking on the link provided from the search engine. Most content sites usually have their own set fee already in place for per click rather than having to use a bidding system to determine the price.

Pay-per-click advertising methods can sometimes have very strong benefits over typical advertising using say a banner ad placed at a set fee for one month. One thing is clear, with pay per click advertising, you only pay for the customers that see your advertisement and follow up by taking the time to visit your website. This will encourage the host of any advertisements to really showcase your ad, getting as many people to notice it as possible because they only receive money for the advertisements that receive clicks. Another benefit is the power to see what ads and what placement is receiving the most success, by allowing you to monitor how many customers clicked on a specific ad.

The number of clicks that you receive can be used to determine where and how your advertisements will reach the target consumer best. If you notice a fairly large amount of traffic being generated by other sites that have a very specific target audience, you can learn from it and specifically model certain advertisements at the target audience based on your research and knowledge. For example, if you are a website selling makeup, and you notice a large amount of traffic coming from an ad on a women’s advice blog, you could design ads catering to these target customers. PPC management service is a definite winner for businesses that need solid advertising that can help track the advertising success and attain brand visibility.