Printed materials used to be the way of choice to get word out about news and gatherings. The world was dominated with paper-based advertisement. However, as the digital age continues to grow, printed materials continue to plummet, as people look to save paper trying to maintain a healthy planet. This has given way to the digital age of news and advertising. Newspapers and magazines have slowed down their printing processes and shifted their focus to their online presence. As more and more things continue to shift towards digital and allowing for easier maintenance and tracking, you should think about moving your events to digital as well.

Digital messages and invitations allow people to expand their reach and have a lasting message. A piece of paper can be thrown away – purposely or accidentally – and your message is lost. Not only can your message be lost from accidental disposal, but you also have to rely on the post office to ensure your message is delivered. Maybe you sent a wedding invitation to someone, but they said they never received it. With digital, you don’t have to rely on a middle man to transport your message to your audience. Digital allows you to send invitations or news direct to the recipient. Transferring your event details and invitations to a digital format prevents your message from being lost.

Not only will you ensure your message is delivered, it is also easier to track your event and attendees! With a good event management system, you are able to track who attends your event and gain information about the person. You could gain simple information such as name and email address, or you could input your own specific questions to gather valuable insights about to the type of people that attend your event. With this, you are also easily able to follow up with those who attended your event or reach out to those that were unable to make it. With the ability for mobile check-in, whether it is scanning a QR code or checking them in at the door, you can build a list of people interested in you and also monitor how well your event is performing.

Utilizing a good event management system not only streamlines attendance and keeps your message out there, it helps communicate with your attendees and would-be attendees. Within the process, a landing page holds all relevant information for your event. This page is able to mirror the look and feel of your website and also uses your domain, increasing traffic to your site and improving search engine rankings as well. Your landing page is where your attendees can learn everything about your event: the venue you are hosting at, time of event, seating chart (if applicable), who to contact for questions, booking a hotel near the event, and other pertinent information.

Want to make a professional impression at your event? Now is your chance! Choose what information you want to be displayed on a name tag, maybe you want to designate name tags for a speaker with a special color while others have a different colored tag.

As you can see, a good event management system will vastly help your events from start to finish. Max Effect Marketing is proud to offer an amazing event management system for our clients currently. Streamline your events and increase your show rates. For more information, call us today at 720-726-7757.