Web Design Rules

Web designing has become a very important part of the venture that you are going to undertake, whether it is promoting your business, an e-commerce portal, or even your own blog. You cannot deny the commercial aspect of a website, because even if it is a blog or an e-magazine, you are trying to attract all the interested people to the blog, sign them up for your newsletter, so that you can ultimately gather up more viewers (and customers). A good web design is a must and in order to have a good design, you should look to find out the best web design trends for 2018 to ensure your site has max appeal.

Web Design Trends (Rules) for 2018

1. Exploit the Medium

The very first thing that you must keep in mind is that you need to use web designing to its maximum. You are buying a domain and you must exploit all the advantages of this medium that you cannot get in other media. For instance, in print media, people can just read your text and do nothing else, but with a web domain, you can do much more! You can introduce interactive features in the user interface that are easy to use and that simultaneously assure the reader that he/she has come to the right place in their search for that product.

2. Play with Colors, Yet Keep It Minimalistic

Make sure that your designer has a good color sense, so that he/she can play around with the negative space and make the web design attractive and user friendly. The main motive behind this is that you need to keep all the text that is needed to explain to the user about the thing you are selling in a brief and precise manner. The designer must keep in mind the amount of text that needs to be put in while he decides on the color scheme. The different navigational features of the user interface (UI) should be displayed at strategic places so that the user finds it easy and clickable

3. Data Storytelling

The web design must be more advanced than sites of old. The extent of which depends on the anticipatory power of the designer. There is a huge appetite for animated visualization. Moreover, there is a lot of data that can be collected over the last few years that can give you a lot of material to investigate, but for the very same reason this can be frustrating. However, striking the right balance between the stylistic part (UI and the GIFs) and the editorial part that can also mean something as intrinsic to the marketing of the product as lifestyle photography, or rigorously editing the text so that it hits the right chord with the reader, the ultimate goal. Illustrations play a large role in the sale of a product, and this might be kept in mind while designing the site. Illustrations speak a lot more than words, if they can be deployed in the right manner. For example, if it is an eBook store, putting a riveting book cover would immediately make the reader interested (copyright issues must be kept in mind, though). It can be made more interesting by very little effort, for instance, adding a bit of shadow to make the image gain depth.

4. Get Bold and Brutal with Designs

The other thing that seems to work for web designing is brutalism. No, this is not anything close to brutality—but is an interesting concept of letting the designer do whatever he thinks would work. It is best to let him work freely rather than burden him with a lot of briefing and put him in shackles. So, keep your briefing simple, so that the designer can focus. You can always decide if you want to accept the design or not, right? Let us get into the idea in a bit more detail. As in print publishing, the editor must decide between that hard-hitting minimalistic cover that can be an instant hit and the traditional cover that would not disturb the sale figures. In the case of web designing, things are changing fast and if you look closely into this, you will soon realize that the designer is actually adding to the content if not enhancing it. So, the designer is not a designer anymore—he is a developer, and he must have a thorough knowledge about the product you are trying to advertise (apart from the relevant skills) so that he can create graphic and animated images that can prove to be a trademark of your website and provide people an opportunity to relate to your website once they come across these images or designs.

5. Responsive Logos

Adding responsive web elements to a logo makes it catchy, and you must decide between a “too abstract” design and an “abstract but hard-hitting design” that would have an impact on the customers. To be able to decide, you must be thorough with the general nature of your target buyers.

6. Vivid, Bright Gradients

You might also want to experiment with the gradient of the design so that it has a jolting effect on the viewer. But be careful about it—it must be subtle, so that it does not have a negative effect. By the gradient of the design, we mean that you can use 3D effects to enhance the impact of the design you have already decided to go forward with. These effects were initially used greatly, but then crept back into redundancy. However, they have made an emphatic comeback. If the GIF effects can be seamlessly matched with these designs, you can easily create an interesting design without much effort.

7. Extra Depth & Exaggerated Shadows

The black shadow is back with better graphic displays. Using extra depth and exaggerated shadows with 3D effect to the specific elements on your site, you can make your site a visual treat. The 3D effect can have a pop effect that gives several layers to the website. The 3D view used in combination with augmented reality components is sure to provide a high-definition online experience in the future.

How Design Trends Can Improve Your Business

Your website can have a new look and a refreshing vibe by incorporating these ideas. Your customers will quickly assume that your business is tech-savvy and authoritative. The fresh look of your website will help your customers to trust you and have confidence in your ability to meet their needs since you went through to trouble to provide a professional appearance.

Are you unsure of how these web design trends for 2018 can be incorporated into your site? Our team of designers and digital marketing strategists can help! Combining beautiful web design with smart, functional and trending tools is what we do the best.