Month: August 2018

7 Things To Consider When Managing An Event

From behind our desks we can speak to most of our peers, suppliers, partners and customers, but an in-person meeting at a conference, meeting or event is what cements that relationship.   As each unique event acts as a conduit for business connection, the role of the event planner is more critical than ever. The task of event promotion however, is increasingly difficult as the standards to which attendees hold event organizers continue to rise. As professional event planners many of us h...

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SEO for Healthcare Websites

“Health is like money. We never have a true idea about its value, until we start losing it” - Josh Billings With the whole world along with its industries, infrastructure, vehicles everything growing and expanding at a fast pace, healthcare has come out to be a major issue in the developed as well as the developing countries. It is a fact beyond doubt that if the population of a country remains healthy, then only the country will be able to move on the track of development undisturbed...

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