Month: January 2019

8 Tips To Effectively Market A Healthcare Organization On Social Media

Within the next 4 to 6 years, the use of social media to connect with individuals is expected to increase 2 or 3 -fold. Now let's talk about social media in the field of healthcare. Relevant and timely information on social media can help engage patients, providers, and the public. It can also communicate the value and reliability of the health system. Is the social media tactic really a critical component of a healthcare marketing strategy? It has been found that most consumers’ ...

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7 Quick & Crucial Facts For Websites

  As we enter 2019, I continue to see people putting less and less of an emphasis on good website design and structure. Companies are captivated by the draw of social media and think that a Facebook page or a landing page can work in lieu of a website. Nothing could be further from the truth.   Also, our company continues to see new marketing clients come on with a terrible website. Either it is poorly structured, a poor platform (GoDaddy web builder anyone?) or severely outda...

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What You Need To Know About Customer Experience In 2019

Customer experience is the bedrock of a strong, confident brand. The interactions between a business and its customers strengthens brand consideration, boosts PR, and creates a brand relationship with longevity and value. But as 2019 rolls around, the customer experience landscape is set to change. To stay ahead of the game in the coming year, read on for some key trends that you should consider when planning out the next twelve months in your business. Podcasting transforms content market...

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