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The COVID-19 pandemic has turned into a nightmare for the year 2020. The disease is spreading faster than a rage of fire, and so is people’s fear about not only their lives but also their livelihoods.

Businesses are striving to threshold their position in the market. With an increasing number of people staying home to curb the disease from spreading, your business needs to be visible and convincing. Your buyers are shopping from their living rooms or home offices. Thus, having a robust digital presence is more important than ever before.

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This blog will convey some predictions for the 2021 digital marketing scenario and offer you suggestions to prepare you for further opportunities and challenges.

Set Goals and Develop Strategies: 

When you set goals, you know how the marketing plan should be and what results can be expected. You must decide what is more important:

  • Is driving more revenue your concern?
  • Want to build brand awareness and growth?
  • Do you care most about customer acquisitions?
  • Interested in developing brand loyalties?
  • Business expansion shortly?

According to your goals, the strategy you implement, resource utilization, and technology deployment may differ.

After setting goals, you can streamline these strategies to accomplish those goals.

For instance, if you want to drive more revenue, you can focus on:

  • Increasing sales from existing customers.
  • Reducing customer churn ratio.
  • Increasing the number of orders.
  • Converting initial buyers into customers.

Once you know that your strategies are ready, then recognize the channels that suit your strategy and customer touchpoints you will use to achieve those goals. Ask yourself questions like:

Q – Which social media networks are suitable for your business?

Q – Which SEO services would help in reaching the target audience?

Q – What type of display advertising do you require, and which network might be most beneficial?

Q – Are there any third-party channels like online travel sites and meta-search engines that you should consider?

Q – Which customer review channels are essential for your business?

And ultimately, measure what you do across channels that would help you optimize your expenditure and resources.

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Marketing Plan – Key Focus Areas for 2021

Initially, it would be best to streamline your existing digital assets starting with your website, followed by content strategy. For the same, know your customers’ intent and personalize their experience. 

Content activities can vary for different audiences. For instance, the awareness stage’s content needs are completely different for someone who may be at the conversion stage. Simply saying, at the awareness stage, the consumer might want to know about various kinds of activities that are available at a destination compared to someone at a conversion stage who would like to more about specific terms.

There are various factors to look for when deciding your target audience – gender, age demographic (millennials, middle-age or baby boomers), audiences’ interests (movie lovers, shopping or traveling), personas (adventurous or relaxing).

Ultimately, compliment your digital strategies with goals and personas.

Ensure your Website Complements your Targeted Personas

Your website is the face of your business, so refresh your website every three years. Ensure that you have upgraded it with the latest technology, and content is up to date.

Have a content strategy that your intended audience relates to. Your content should be explicit and delivering sufficient information to draw the attention of your audience.

With the evolving digital age, people are spending more time on their mobile devices. Your website should be mobile-friendly; consider Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web App (PWA) technology to offer the required speed.

Have a secured website, which isn’t only a ranking factor for Google, but users also feel confident when using secure websites. 

Nowadays, people want quick results, so instead of typing, they prefer to use voice search. Ensure that you are prepared for common questions that users can ask. Use FAQ’s and schemas to answer their queries.

According to studies, people usually spend less than 5 seconds for the website to load. Hence, speed is vital for the entire spectrum of the customer journey.

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Build a Comprehensive Sales Channel

A sales funnel involves creating content for different stages of a customer’s journey. You will get all types of audiences on your website, from first-time buyers to loyal customers.

You require to adjust your layout, design, and content based on the preferences of your visitors.

B2C full-time marketers use marketing automation have seen conversation rates to 50%.

Digital marketers spend time creating top of the funnel content that grabs attention. Though, they fail to follow through with content that maintains an interest in the funnel’s middle and leads to conversion near the bottom of the funnel.

You can post animations, images, videos, infographics, podcasts, and videos to improve your digital marketing content’s versatility.

Implement AI in your Digital Marketing Strategy

2020 has been a year where AI started becoming dominant in the digital marketing sectors. AI can analyze consumer behavior and search patterns much more effectively. It can use data from blog posts and social media platforms to help businesses understand how customers find their brand.

Developers have started to figure out how AI can be designed to detect customer behavior patterns that allow the software to make better predictions on what customers want.

Chatbots are expected to proliferate. Earlier customer service associates were hired to resolve any issues or concerns that arose. However, some companies still rely on traditional customer service methods, but now many companies have transitioned to chatbots.

It is predicted that by 2022, 75% to 90% of queries will be handled by chatbots.

Recent developments in AI enables users to synchronize their chatbots across multiple social media platforms. For instance, the chatbot you use on the website to answer questions can also automate answers on Facebook and Twitter’s direct messages.

Your customers will love a seamless experience, and chatbots will be part of what makes up the experience.

Use Video Advertising

Video is becoming popular for advertising – YouTube, and stories on social media platforms’ demand increase. Nearly 30% of shoppers will buy an item after seeing a video ad.

  • More than 60% of social media users say that they have shared a brand’s video on their profile.
  • Around 70% of businesses agree that video marketing improved their conversation rate. Moreover, more than 50% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more likely to buy from a brand.

Video advertisements are especially great for interactive products such as makeup and toys. Also, updating behind the scene videos, expert interviews, etc. would gauge your audience’s attention.

The video makes it easier for companies to really highlight the benefits and features of their products, which explains the massive push towards this tactic.

Start by adding videos on social media channels such as LinkedIn and Instagram. Notice for a few days how videos are performing and if you notice pertinent engagement or views, consider making video marketing an essential part of your 2021 digital marketing plan.


Each year comes up with new trends. Hence, the strategies which you implemented in 2018 won’t work for 2021. You need to develop modifications and variations each year, like talking about social media optimization tactics that used two years back might not work today. For instance, streaming live videos on Instagram and Facebook weren’t that popular earlier than today.

There isn’t a definite formula to create a digital marketing strategy. To be successful, you need to adapt, change, and develop continuously. Come up with ways to communicate with your audience at all points of your sales funnel. Customize content according to the needs of your target audience.

Also, consider building an omnichannel strategy and not a multichannel approach.

Ultimately, be repetitive to new technology, tools, and tactics to gain an edge over your competitors. 

Remember to review, reinvent, and replace.

The bottom line is that your business needs experts from the digital marketing agency Max Effect Marketing to help you create and implement an online marketing plan that would help you completely dominate your competitors. Contact us now!