Month: January 2022

Major Advantages And Disadvantages Of Television Advertising

Television advertising is a quick and effective way to broadcast your brand’s message. It can reach up to 85% of adults in all age groups. Television advertising has a very powerful influence! With over 1,500 television stations in the United States and countless others broadcasting around the globe, a TV advertising agency will ensure your message is heard. The first paid television advert was shown on July 1, 1941, on WNBT (now WNBC). Since then, television advertising formats have underg...

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Importance Of Local Television Advertising

Television advertising is often considered the league of big brands, considering the cost of commercial production. Whether you are small, medium, or well-established, it is possible to give your business a premium edge with TV advertising. One of the best and perhaps most underused benefits of TV advertising is local targeting. You can use television commercials to achieve a highly targeted reach to your audience. Local TV advertising is a powerful marketing technique that allows you to s...

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How to Grow Your Company’s Digital Presence in 2022?

The year 2021 saw businesses adopt digital transformation at an accelerated rate thanks to the exponential increase in online traffic and virtual engagement. In the post-pandemic era, businesses not only have to put in clever strategies to recover from the COVID slump but keep pace with the fast-moving changes in the marketing world. To stay competitive and profitable in 2022 and beyond, you need cutting-edge digital marketing for business that will help elevate your company's digital presence. ...

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