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The attention span of the average American is less than 8 seconds. That is a shorter attention span than a goldfish. As marketers, that is a very small amount of time to capture someone’s attention, let alone the difficulties of converting them.

The other factor is that everyone nowadays has options. It is not simply the golden age of television advertising where you could capture the lion share of the country during TV dinner hour. Now people get their information in so many ways and have so many purchasing options that the thought of marketing can get overwhelming. How will I stand out? How can my money go the farthest? How can I reach my ideal client? These are all questions that business owners struggle with.

Unfortunately, there is no cookie cutter answer for the above questions. Each service or product is different. It has a different function, a different industry and especially a different audience. Also, not all markets are the same, people in New York are vastly different that those in Georgia and they are all different from people on the West Coast. That is why there is not one trick or ad that will convert everyone your business is looking for.

With Max Effect, we understand these challenges and that your business is unique. That is why we undertake a thorough research project on your business, your customers and your market before launching any campaigns to ensure we know who we are targeting and how to target them.

Throughout campaigns with Max Effect you will notice how data-centric we operate. We are constantly searching for KPIs or other data trends that can provide stronger targeting, cheaper leads or a unique way to reach your audience. Data is the foundation of marketing and Max Effect leverages its data daily to improve campaigns.

Comprehensive marketing is the wave of the future. Whether that is a combination of analog and digital or just straight digital, you will need to touch your customers multiple times through a variety of platforms in order to gain their attention and nurture them to become clients. The days of one advertisement and one platform are over. This is why you need a company that is experienced, flexible and specializes in comprehensive marketing plans to reach your customers. Come to Max Effect Marketing, we can create a custom plan for your business to make sure you meet your goals now and into the future.