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Blog Writing Services

There is no better way to gain credibility and interested followers to your business than creating a blog and posting about important topics relevant to your industry regularly.

You are a leader, so share it with the world!

61% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog. This means that when you blog online, customers listen to your advice.  Also, the more that your blog delivers content which interests customers, the more they’ll listen!

The net effect of this process is called “thought leadership.”

By sharing your expertise and insights with your potential customers, you make yourself look like one of the smartest people in your field. You also make your business look like an industry leader.

You have the voice and the knowledge. Let Max Effect help you build blogs to spread your expertise and industry leadership across the web.

How blog writing services can help your business?

Let’s start with a few statistics. Research from HubSpot shows that B2B marketers that maintain a business blog receive about 67 percent more leads than those that don’t. In addition, companies who have made their business blogs a priority are 13 times more likely to benefit from positive ROI.

The beautiful part about blogging is that it is the gift that keeps on giving. Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links, and 82% of consumers report that they enjoy reading relevant content from brands.

Before you think that you can simply type up a couple of short articles and call that a blog, keep in mind that once you write 24-51 posts, your blog traffic jumps by up to 30%. Blogging is a long-term investment in your business that can keep customers coming in long after you publish an article.

How can Max Effect help you?

Max Effect works with a team of expert writers who are able to craft industry-specific articles that showcase your company’s expertise, and generate new leads for your business. Our team ensures that the content that goes on your company blog is optimized to be more attractive to your target audience and to be search-engine friendly.