Daily Deal Campaigns

What You Should Know about Successful Daily Deal Campaigns

These days, it’s easy for business owners to feel overwhelmed by the daily deal process. With so many different daily deal companies competing for your attention, how do you choose who to run with? What kind of offer do you promote? Is it worth the hassle?

Here are three marketing tips to getting on top of the daily deal industry that will help you and your business get a better handle on the how daily deals work and greatly increase your chances for success.

  1. Know the Audience

    You may think that all daily deal companies have the same audience. They don’t. While it’s true that customers may sign up to receive offers from multiple websites, there are more and more specialized or niche sites catering to the industry. Subscriber list sizes vary wildly as the demographics they hit.

    We have the giants (Groupon/Livingsocial), those who cater to a more mature audience (Travelzoo), affluent members (GiltCity, Bloomspot), ones for moms and families (Plum District, Juice in the City), as well as newcomers who are on the rise (Google Offers/Amazon), ones who allow the business owner to take charge of their own deals (Closely) and endless niche or smaller sites that have much smaller list sizes.

    It is important to know where your business is going to attract the type of clientele you desire.

  2. Set a Cap

    Know that YOU have control over how many vouchers are to be made available for sale. If you are working with a daily deal company that won’t allow you to set a cap, do NOT be pressured into doing something against your better judgment.

    Find the company that will work with you on your terms.

    Selling too many vouchers can be devastating for a business that is not set up to handle the volume that some Daily Deal companies can bring. Conversely, doing an offer that brings in minimal traffic may seem like a giant waste of time.

    Ask the Daily Deal company how other offers in your category performed in the past. If that matches what you think you would like to sell, then you’re off to a good start.

  3. Turn NEW Customers into REPEAT Customers

    The goal with daily deals should be to convert new customers into loyal followers.

    There are several companies emerging whose job it is to assist you with getting a solid after-deal campaign that will allow you to continue to market to your Daily Deal customers.

    If you decide to do it alone, a simple method to obtain customer email addresses is to have a comment card that you present the customer when they bring their voucher in for redemption. Send them special offers periodically to get them back into your business.