Daily Deals

MAX Effect Marketing is a company set up to help merchants expand their business to a larger community. We have been working with doctors and understand your company as well as your targeted audience.

How we do this is by working with several well established daily deal companies and there vast number of followers including: Groupon, Google offers, Amazon Local and more. With our experience, we are able to get you more money than if you were to contact them yourselves; while we do all of the time consuming work. We give advice, you tell us what you want, and we get it done. This way you can attend to what is most important, your patients.

Here are some success stories that have come with our companies help.  In San Francisco, CA, one of our merchants SF FAT LOSS made over $225,000 in their pocket from one deal they ran. Here is a link to see for yourself; https://www.groupon.com/deals/vevazz-fat-loss.

Also, we have had the privilege of helping companies grow with their increasing popularity and number of clients. For example, Spinal Care of Wilmington, aka NC Laser Fat Loss in North Carolina with Dr. Aaron Richardet, we have been able to see him open up more offices with the success he has been having. There are many more success stories companies are having through the help of MAX Effect Marketing and our associates. If you would like to talk with any of the other doctors we work with, we would be more than happy to set that up to see for yourselves.

*A deal is a limited discounted service that only NEW customers can purchase to your company. You set the limit.


1. How Daily Deals Services can double your business profit increasing your popularity among customers?
Running a business is not an easy task. It is needed to keep attracting your customers’ time-to-time since tough competition is already going on. Your competitors are trying every bit to leave you behind. You would not believe but the daily deal is the key cannot only save you but also brings huge profit to your company as well. You might not be able to come up with best deals that will not let your loss as well as great to attract your customers. No worries, Max Effect Marketing is here to serve you the best. We are having an excellent team oozing with great ideas. You just need to share what exactly you want to share the required details and the rest will be done by us. We always come up quite interesting ideas for you.

2. How Does Daily Deal Service attract your customers?
Attracting customers is not an easy thing since they are having a variety of options in front of them. There is no dearth of the platform not leaving any stone unturned to attract their customers. You might have noticed that we all love to head to the store wherever we found these key terms like discount, sale, deal etc. Daily Deal Service is also kind of that. In which, Max Effect Marketing comes up with brilliant ideas, so you would not have to compromise with your margin. Moreover, a great business will be made introducing the best deals. But creating deal is not an easy task. You need the expert advice since they also examine all the pros and cons before rolling it out.

3. Do Daily Deals Services are also for small business?
We are living in a digital world where the difference is mitigating day-by-day. It does not matter if you are a big or small company. What you are needed to be in the competition that your customers are loving you. The more they love you, the longer you would survive. The motto of your company should revolve around your customers and daily deal services are the part of making your customers engaged with you. Max Effect Marketing is here to serve you the best. Being a distinguished brand, we do best for you. It does not matter if you are a small or big company, we serve all in the same way. For us, our customers are everything and we do not compromise with our service.

4. How Max Effect Marketing develops excellent daily deals service?
This is not an easy job since we need to take special care of the margin of the company. We are having an excellent and creative team oozing with excellent experience. We do hear our customers’ right from the core of the heart. First, a rough sketch is developed and discussed. After getting finalized from our side, we do discuss with our customer. We also do amendment if the client is not happy or satisfied with the result. As of now, we have made daily deals service to many companies and they churned out great profit from them. We do love our job and this is why we always come up with creative ideas. Our team members keep a close an eye on the market to come up with excellent ideas.

5. Do daily deals service are really helpful?
And the answer is yes. As of now, many companies have followed this trick and got benefitted incredibly. The motto of daily deal service keeps surprising your customers. You cannot entertain them following the boring marketing ways. Daily deal service is something that instantly fetches the attention. And if your customers found that deal incredibly good or attractive, they also let other know about it. In short, your perfectly executed daily deals service can make a great buzz. Whether you are introducing a product or service, it is needed to advertise in a great way. Daily deals services have done incredibly work on many platforms and made them high in demand among the customers. You should also try if you have not yet.