Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mailing can still be effective.

For many business owners, the thought of direct mailing to promote business is tantamount to resorting to cave drawings and smoke signals to draw new patrons. Direct Mailing and their effectiveness have been on a rapid decline with younger generations since the smartphone came to pass. However, old habits die hard and the baby boomer population and even some Gen Xers still harken back to the good old days of the direct mail advertisement.

These older generations are ideal clients for many businesses ranging from senior living facilities to dentists. Also, things for grandkids or deals on restaurants or other services are still highly effective with the coupon cutting community. Things like medicare supplement insurance or regenerative medicine are perfect candidates for Direct Mail marketing.

Mail marketing has a plethora of new targeting a design options. All designs are included in our quotes. From a variety of sizes and formats, Max Effect can get you in a position where your mail piece stands out to your target audience and makes a lasting impression.

We can also do targeting from a range of blanket targeting – hitting every home in an area – to more advanced targeting based on income or demographics. Incorporating mail into your marketing repertoire can help you reach the aging population that has the most liquid income and many consumer needs. Call us today for a quote on Direct Mail Marketing.