Events Promotions Company in Denver, Colorado

Finding unique ways to market a product or service is becoming more crucial as consumers are exposed to a constant flow of advertisements. Event marketing can help companies reach their target market via digital marketing campaigns and then get the user to attend an event. An event marketing agency can tie all of this together in a neat package. Many companies use events for the following:

  • Product Launches
  • Fundraisers
  • Training
  • Health Lectures
  • Financial Lectures
  • Real Estate Seminars
  • Any other events!

For any event that you are planning, it is critical to know how to reach your ideal, target clientele and entice that person to engage your event. The second component you need to have a successful event is to have a system that is easy to manage and organized to ensure that all of the details are covered. And there are a lot of details that go into planning an event, including:

  • Advertising
  • Managing Attendees
  • Emails
  • SMS/Text Messages
  • Securing Place
  • Managing Orders
  • Checking People In
  • Getting Attendees Information
  • And much more!

All of this can be a hassle when piling it on in addition to normal duties. That is why an events promotions company is important to keeping your event on track and managing all of the components along the way. Imagine a system that has all of the components managed in one place so that you can stay on top of your event in just a few clicks – checking on your computer or mobile device – and then go about the rest of your day? With our event marketing agency, all of this is possible.

Digital has become the preferred space of consumers and therefore it is the space in which you should spend the most amount of money to promote your events. Events – helped by an event marketing agency – will be able to reach people targeted based on their:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Geographic Location
  • Demographics
  • Income
  • Interests etc.

The rule is that each person needs 6-8 touches in order to become a client. With digital marketing from an event promotions agency you can show ads to potential clients on their email, mobile device, social media and anywhere they choose to use the web. This will help bring in highly qualified and motivated candidates that are familiar with your brand and your company BEFORE attending the event.

Ultimately, event marketing is becoming more and more important in reaching your target audience and standing out from your competitor. When you use an event promotions agency – such as Max Effect Marketing – to help promote and manage your event, you can expect better turnouts, higher quality candidates and more successful event overall.

For the best event marketing agency to promote and manage your next event, look not further than Max Effect Marketing.


Unfortunately, we do not organize venues, catering or any of the details of the day of event.
Events have a wide range of costs for advertising and management. This will depend on how many people you want at the event and how many weeks in advance you need to start advertising. Call for a free analysis and we will provide the information on your specific event.
Yes. We have systems that can link with your online payment gateway for easy transactions OR we can help you fill the seats at a free event.
We have unique systems that interact to help monitor interest, ads, emails, follow up, text messages – anything you need to promote and manage an event, we can do it!
We can work on an event by event basis OR we can work on a flat management fee and you choose your ad spend. It is up to you!