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Online Reputation Management Services

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it .”
-Warren Buffet

No words ring truer today.

Managing your online reputation is essential to maintaining your business’ customer base and crucial to fostering new clients. Managing your brand and improving or building on your brand’s reputation can be the difference between a customer choosing your business or one of your competitors.

Why does online reputation management matter?

Don’t think that online review sites are important? 88% of consumers place equal weight on both online reviews and personal recommendations. This means that the average consumer trusts an internet review as much as the advice of their friends, and will make a purchasing decision based on those reviews.

Most Americans search for companies using their mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). 70% of mobile shoppers reported being more likely to purchase a product if the mobile site or app they are purchasing from has reviews. In other words, it is vital that your business has people talking about the positive experiences they have with your company.

Conversely, poor reviews have the potential to cause great harm to your reputation and your business.

Never fear, though. With Max Effect Marketing, we can help you turn review-based negativity into a positive outcome for your business. Studies have shown that 95% of unhappy customers will return to your business if an issue is resolved quickly and efficiently. In addition, by using Max Effect’s methods to properly handle negative customer reviews, you get to show future customers how you can professionally and effectively handle any challenges that might arise. So ultimately, what looks like an insurmountable problem can become a platform for business growth!

Protect your reputation and grow your business by implementing Max Effect’s online reputation management services.


1. How can Online Reputation Management Services help my business? 
When you are a business, you can almost guarantee that not every customer will be happy with your  product or service. It is nearly impossible to please everyone. However, unsatisfied customers can harm your reputation by adding a negative review in regards to your product or service. Max Effect Marketing helps with teaching you and your staff proven strategies for getting more positive reviews. We can also help you flood out negative reviews or articles with positive review and SEO campaigns. Your online reputation can be a constant source of customers and pride for a business that pays attention, and a total nightmare for a business that does not. If you think your business may need a new to polish its reputation, Max Effect can help you with a comprehensive plan that turns customer feedback into assets.

2. Does a business really need to have a good online reputation?
The short answer is overwhelmingly yes. Consumers today regard online reviews as strongly as if it was a recommendation from a friend. This means that business with a solid online reputation benefit from this standard and ones that have a poor online reputation are significantly hurt by this. Due to the amount of information that is at the average consumers fingertips, people will pass judgement on your business before even stepping foot in your establishment. Ensuring that positive information not involving sales or business – such as charity functions or community support – can also attract new customers to your business regularly. Where bad press will do the opposite. The point is, managing your online reputation is not easy and there are new things to monitor all of the time. Ensure that you have experts like the team at Max Effect to manage your online reputation management before it becomes too late.

3. How can my businesses online reputation be damaged?
How can your reputation be damaged? There are a multitude of ways that can hurt your reputation. Bad customer experience is generally the main reason people will take to the internet to bash you company. However, there are so many places or ways that this can be done, so how will you manage it all? They may put negative comments in your blog or leave a complaint on Yelp.  If you do not have a system for tracking your online reputation, you could find out when it is too late. Have someone monitor the pulse of your businesses interaction with the community and your customer base. The early things are found, the easier they are to solve.

4. What if someone adds something negative
Negative comments on your social media or any review site can hurt your business. Not only is this a reflection of what you are offering, but Google can hinder businesses that consistently have complaints and negativity surrounding them. The key to negative comments is to take the conversation offline so that no matter what the results, you are not arguing in a ‘public’ forum in front of other clients and potential clients. Dealing with negative comments is an aspect of your business you cannot ignore.

5. Can people purposefully harm my online reputation?
Of course! The bad precedence that review sites set is that they take reviews from people regardless of whether they have used your product or service AND they make it extremely difficult to get bad reviews removed. This is why you need to have someone paying attention. Trolls roam the internet looking to ruin people’s business and it is easy to become a victim if you do not know what is being said about your business. Make sure you have an experienced team monitoring your online reputation and fixing the issues.