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7 Quick & Crucial Facts For Websites

  As we enter 2019, I continue to see people putting less and less of an emphasis on good website design and structure. Companies are captivated by the draw of social media and think that a Facebook page or a landing page can work in lieu of a website. Nothing could be further from the … Continue reading "7 Quick & Crucial Facts For Websites"
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What You Need To Know About Customer Experience In 2019

Customer experience is the bedrock of a strong, confident brand. The interactions between a business and its customers strengthens brand consideration, boosts PR, and creates a brand relationship with longevity and value. But as 2019 rolls around, the customer experience landscape is set to change. To stay ahead of the game in the coming year, … Continue reading "What You Need To Know About Customer Experience In 2019"

Max Effect Marketing Featured On Clutch!

Max Effect Marketing strives to help businesses all over the country with digital marketing and web design. We offer social media marketing, SEO, web development and daily deal services, where we help companies get set up on Groupon. To make sure that all of our services are making our customers happy, we look to Clutch … Continue reading "Max Effect Marketing Featured On Clutch!"
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Small Business Marketing Blog

By Daniel Donovan For many small business owners, driving traffic to their business can be a difficult and frustrating process. Many businesses take a blanket approach of “throw everything against the wall and see what sticks”. In other words, they try everything and then attempt to identify which strategies worked and which ones did not. … Continue reading "Small Business Marketing Blog"

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