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What are Paid Advertisements?

Paid advertising, or pay per click advertising, is a crucial part of digital marketing. It is one of the main ways a business reaches a consumer, captures their attention, and creates interest in a business’ products or services. This first and integral step in the marketing process leads to interest, desire, and finally action by the buyer. Current data suggests that more and more consumers are getting information for purchase decisions online. 67% of consumers report using the internet during any one part of their journey to buying a product. The fact that so many consumers are shopping and researching products online illustrates the importance of online advertising to promote and maintain a successful business.

How do paid advertisements effect a business?

The impact of paid advertising begins when a consumer enters keywords into a search engine, such as Google, and a list of relevant results come up, leading the consumer to a list of top results extremely similar to what the consumer is looking for. This general concept known as search engine optimization. However, Google Adwords – and other similar systems with Bing and Yahoo – will allow you to pay to come up higher on the list, including the first 3 entries. This will guarantee that the target market is being impacted by the advertisement.

Another form of paid advertising is social media advertising. Using specific sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook – as advertising channels – allow a large part of the target market to become exposed to the business and its events. As with paid search engine advertising, social media advertisements are also delivered to a unique target market that is related to the business’ products or services.

Why are paid advertisements beneficial to a business?

Pay per click advertisements can reach thousands of potential customers that are interested in a business’ services. These “sponsored” paid advertisements have a higher click rate than other non-paid content. The main benefit of paying for advertising on social media and search engines is that there is a higher rate of traffic to your business’ website and you can target people specifically searching for your products. This not only drives traffic, but higher conversion rates and ultimately more business.

In the age of smart phones and constant Googling or checking Facebook, paid advertisements are the quickest and often most Max Effect Marketing offers an assortment of paid advertising channels through which a business can impact and generate potential customers.


1. Can Affordable PPC Services help my business?
PPC services are direct advertising FOR your business. This is the whole point. Through PPC services, we can reach your ideal customers through search engine and social media and attract them to your product or service. With advanced targeting and systems utilized by Max Effect, we can ensure that we are getting your advertisement to your ideal customers where the ‘hang out’ online.  It does not matter if your company is big or small, PPC is not going to burn your pocket too much. Many small businesses thrive on PPC and even more big businesses have PPC as an integral part of their overall marketing plan. The Max Effect Marketing team are PPC experts. Let us show you how to grow your business.

2. Why experts suggest you incorporate pay-per-click marketing?
As  a business, it is important that you establish yourself among your ideal audience first. This is done through branding campaigns and brand name recognition. Letting people know what your business does and what it is called are the two most important pieces of information. The second part you want to convey to your audience is what makes you better than your competitor. Through PPC campaigns, you can reach thousands of ideal customers for a reasonable amount of money and you can conduct simultaneous campaigns that fill all of your needs. No matter what service or product you have, PPC can help you promote it. Also, digital marketing and PPC have robust data gathering systems that can help optimize campaigns, find out what are the best performing ads and spread your message to more people faster.

3. Can you see the results immediately?
That is the beauty of PPC advertising. If you need business, turn it on. Depending on how deep your targeting is, you can start seeing calls and customers on your first day. However, if your first day comes and passes with nothing – don’t panic! This is normal. In today’s world, optimizing audiences sometimes takes a bit of time. All PPC platforms have an algorithm that needs to learn in order to reach your target audience. Also, the quicker the results you need, the more money you can put in to make results happen quicker. If you are a smaller budget client, the results will come, the ad just needs to reach more people in order to optimize and that can take a bit with low budgets. Either way, PPC will find your customers and help them find you!

4. Is a pay-per-click campaign expensive?
A PPC campaign can be as cheap or expensive as you want. In a lot of times, you choose the budget you want to spend. That being said, results are driven by money. So if you need results right away, you may need to pony up more dough up front. If you are comfortable with a slow and steady trickle, then a small budget may be better for you. It also depends on what you are trying to do. If you are trying to reach a group of people in a neighborhood to let them know you opened your business, you won’t need a big budget. If you are looking for high dollar B2B clients, you will need a much bigger budget. It is correlated with what you are seeking.

5. Where your advertisement will be shown?
Unless it is deemed that you need to incorporate the older audience that Bing possesses into your campaign, the vast majority of search engine PPC will be done on Google. Google is far and away the most popular search engine on earth. Through social media, there are a lot of different options for PPC. Facebook is good to reach parents and grandparents, Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform and Snap Chat is to reach teens. Wherever we determine is the best platform for your PPC advertising campaign, we can make sure it is attracting the right customers for your business.