PPC Marketing Agency in Denver, Colorado

Advertisements. We see them literally everywhere we go, whether driving down main street on the way to work or scrolling through social media in our living rooms. We hear them on the radio. We find them taped to our front doors. Studies have shown that some individuals view as many as 5,000 advertisements in a given day. With such a massive influx of sensory information permeating the minds of consumers, how can a business cut through the noise and get its message to the people who need to hear it?

Short answer: laser focus.

Paid advertising, or pay per click advertising, is the most effective digital tool for creating quality leads in a saturated market. Its efficacy lies in its ability to target individuals who are actually looking for the products or services that your business is seeking to sell. Experts in paid advertising know how to develop truly unique ads that will capture these targeted consumers’ attention and drive traffic to your business. This means that the money invested in a PPC marketing agency is sure to yield a significant return.

Pay to Play

In the marketing world, he who holds the most effective SEO strategy generally wins. Fail to establish online credibility, and your website will get buried in a virtual sea of bigger fish. PPC changes the game. For as little as a few cents per click, businesses can pay to have their advertisements show up at the top of search engine results. This means that your organization can attract ready consumers with a single click.

A relatively new player to PPC, social media platforms have quickly become wildly successful avenues for online advertising. Using advanced targeting software, digital gurus can display your advertisements to unique populations of individuals who meet specific, relevant qualifications. This creates hotter leads, higher conversion rates, and ultimately, more business. PPC management services have thus become a veritable bazooka in the lead generation game.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing

More than a paid advertising company, at Max Effect Marketing, we specialize in building comprehensive marketing strategies that are designed specifically to target the areas of your business where you want to see growth. Whether you are looking for PPC services or a complete branding overhaul, give us a call to see how we can help maximize your business and realize your potential.

Our PPC Services:

Account and Campaign Setup

Keyword Research

Highly Creative Ads

PPC Audit

Landing Page Creation & Optimization

Advantage of Max Effect Marketing’s Paid advertising and marketing services:

Higher ROI

Quality Lead Generation

Personalized account attention

Highly-responsive customer service team


PPC services are direct advertising FOR your business. This is the whole point. Through PPC services, we can reach your ideal customers through search engine and social media and attract them to your product or service. With advanced targeting and systems utilized by Max Effect, we can ensure that we are getting your advertisement to your ideal customers where the ‘hang out’ online. It does not matter if your company is big or small, PPC is not going to burn your pocket too much. Many small businesses thrive on PPC and even more big businesses have PPC as an integral part of their overall marketing plan. The Max Effect Marketing team are PPC experts. Let us show you how to grow your business.
As a business, it is important that you establish yourself among your ideal audience first. This is done through branding campaigns and brand name recognition. Letting people know what your business does and what it is called are the two most important pieces of information. The second part you want to convey to your audience is what makes you better than your competitor. Through PPC campaigns, you can reach thousands of ideal customers for a reasonable amount of money and you can conduct simultaneous campaigns that fill all your needs. PPC has robust data systems that can help optimize campaigns, retarget and spread the message to the audience you want.
That is the beauty of PPC advertising. If you need business, turn it on. Depending on how deep your targeting is, you can start seeing calls and customers on your first day. However, if your first day comes and passes with nothing – don’t panic! This is normal. In today’s world, optimizing audiences sometimes takes a bit of time. All PPC platforms have an algorithm that needs to learn in order to reach your target audience. The more you spend, the faster you reach more people, the faster everything is optimized.
A PPC campaign can be as cheap or expensive as you want. You choose the budget you want to spend. Results are driven by money. So if you need results right away, you may need to pay more. If you are comfortable with a slow and steady trickle, then a small budget may be better for you. The more you spend, the quicker you reach people.
Unless it is deemed that you need to incorporate the older audience that Bing possesses into your campaign, the vast majority of search engine PPC will be done on Google. Google is far and away the most popular search engine on earth. Through social media, there are a lot of different options for PPC. Facebook is good to reach parents and grandparents, Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform and Snap Chat is to reach teens. Wherever we determine is the best platform for your PPC advertising campaign, we can make sure it is attracting the right customers for your business.