Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising. While technology of personal music apps, podcasts, audiobooks and satellite radio allows many consumers to bypass local radio stations, many commuters still rely on radio for local news, sports, talk and music. These same listeners are often the working public, which consumes the majority of goods and services. That makes this audience perfect for targeting. They are captivated and engaged as the monotony of rush hour traffic slowly trickles by.

The great part about advertising on the radio is the multitude of options that are available to you. Some businesses choose to use a local personality to endorse their product. This is especially effective when the personality has a listening audience that matches your businesses targeting. These listeners that follow personalities listen to them regularly. Also, you can choose to run your commercials at various times throughout the day. Obviously peak times are more expensive, but also reach larger audiences and lead to more conversions. We can fit any plan to your budget and ensure that you are getting the most value out of your radio dollars. Larger markets have especially effective reach and targeting through radio campaigns, as the concentration of people ensures saturation, especially when you can run several commercials during morning and afternoon rush hour. Combining this with a digital plan allows potential customers to be touched by your advertising through different mediums multiple times, increasing reach, recognition and conversions.

Max Effect has trusted partnerships with radio groups such as iHeart Radio and Bonneville Stations. Our trusted partnerships have stations throughout the US, especially in every major media market across the country. Radio advertising can help supplement all other forms of advertising and is especially effective at knowing their audience and leveraging that with products and services that their audiences wants. Call us today for a free quote. In most cases, we can beat the competitions quote in price and value.