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Did you know that Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other site on the internet? And did you know that 47% say Facebook has the greatest impact on purchase behavior (compared to just 24% in 2011).

Social media is one of the best and fastest growing marketing tools that your small business can implement to grow your brand, reach your target audience and communicate with your customer base.

What can Max Effect do for my social media?

At Max Effect, we specialize in creating customized social media marketing plans that takes your business goals and extend them into the digital space. We utilize the latest social media marketing strategies that target consumers on a variety of social networks. In addition, it takes an expert team to navigate the complicated nuances of the various social media networks, and find the people who can best build your business.

Keep in mind that the strategies that work best on Facebook, for instance, might not translate that well to Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and the smaller social media networks. So, when you employ a team like ours, you can rest assured that social media marketing efforts will be tailored to target your ideal customers and meet your marketing objectives.

Not another social media post

The biggest complaint we hear from small business owners is that social media takes so much time. Even though they’ve heard how others in their industry are succeeding on social media, they dread having to write the next tweet and find the perfect image for their next Facebook post.

We understand that you are an expert in your industry, and not necessarily a Facebook marketing guru. You have trained hard to gain your expertise, and are busy trying to build your business and serve your customers. With Max Effect, you have a partner that will take the burden of social media off your mind, and move your business forward.

We have looked at the vast world of social media and see tremendous opportunity, including the fact 54% of B2B marketers said they have generated leads from social media. With Max Effect Marketing in your corner of the social media ring, we know that your business can find success on social media. Many of our customers have been able to encourage repeat business and find brand new customers, using our effect social media marketing techniques.


1. Why is Social Media Marketing quite essential to do?
Are you one of them circumventing the importance of social media marketing? You are going a bit wrong. The digital world is revolving around social media. Now, people are not available on social media to get in touch with their relatives and friends for pampering their personal relation, but companies are also available on social media to get in touch with their customers to take their professional to the next level. The best thing is that with the help of social media marketing, it becomes easy to make new and potential customers. At Max Effect Marketing, we serve you the best social media marketing in a great way. The professionals are doggedly engaged to impart the best understanding your business needs.

2. How do social media marketing bridge the gap between you and your customers?
Social media marketing has changed everything. It has become a great tool at the forefront to increase the visibility of the site. There are many distinguished companies using this way to bridge the gap. And the great thing is that it is quite beneficial. If you are one of them underestimating its importance, you are going wrong. With the help of social media marketing, it becomes easy to spread awareness about the product and service easily to great mass. Your customers would be able to give your reviews in respect of service or product. The positive feedbacks also encourage others to get in touch with you. Since almost the entire world is on social media, it is the best way to create more awareness about the service and product.

3. How social media marketing helps to get your targeted audience?
To increase business, you needed to find out your targeted audience. How would you be able to find out them? Of course, social media marketing makes this easy to you. Customers always to love to follow the pages and brands in which they are interested. If you kick off your social media platform and do enough marketing so you will be noticed by your searcher or potential customers, you would be able to get in touch with your target audience. The best thing is that you would be able to know what more changes you can add to your brand to make your customer enough happy and satisfied. At social media, you can target people of all ages, interest and gender to enhance the ratio of your customers.

4. Do you need to hire Social Media Marketing Manager?
Most of think that social media marketing is only about kicking off the new account on various social platforms. But it is not right at all. A professionally done social media marketing is completely different what you think. Max Effect Marketing prepares a sophisticated strategy to target leads. The professionals do everything in a great way like they prepare a publishing calendar, scheduling posts and so on. They also so do enough research to come up that what content would be right to publish and able to fetch major attention. They also review analytics, follow up and run experiments. In short, there are lots of things to do in social media marketing. And professional done SMM can bring the best results.

5. Which Social Media platform would be right for your business?
This is another question comes up in mind all of us. We would like to tell you there is no specific social media platform can help you to churn out the best. To target your audience, it is needed to run social media platform on a large scale. Generally, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc., are some of the common and widely used. It is essential to have on this platform. To take your social media marketing a level up, it would be right to go on Instagram, Pinterest etc. There is no dearth of the social platforms since there are many to double your business. Max Effect Marketing is here to impart the best social media marketing and make you able to fetch the desired benefits.