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Display Network and Programmatic Advertising

Social media and search engine marketing are getting all of the buzz in 2019, but there are limitations to both. For social media, your targeting is only effective at reaching people that are active on that platform. If someone fits your profile for targeting but they spend almost no time on social media, how do you reach them?

For search engine, you are waiting on them to search for your keywords. Many sales are impulsive and Google Ads (excluding YouTube), is not a market conducive to impulsive ads, as it takes a person to have the notion to search for their impulse in order to reach them.
Imagine if you could your brand, your message, your perfect ad in front of people online where they normally go? While many people are glued to their social media thread, much of the rest of the world goes about their days doing things they would normally do. Reading the news, shopping, researching their next big purchase, doing research at work are all things that people do when going to popular websites. So, what if you could just target people where the ‘hangout’ digitally? You can, with Display and Programmatic Advertising.

Display and Programmatic Advertising are nothing new. They have been around for longer than search and social. However, they way that pricing works, reach, conversions, tracking, data and targeting have all changed over time. With the new networks within display and programmatic, you can literally reach 90% of the audience you are looking to reach in places they already go! How’s that for convenience?

With over 11,000 supplier networks with millions of websites in inventory, you can advertise on any website that is worth advertising on. In addition, our advanced DSP has over 25,000 targeting data points from 30 data providers. That means we can hyper target your audience and reach the people you need to reach. With our advanced retargeting capabilities, we can track interested prospects across platforms and devices.

Facebook and Google are still very good platforms to advertise on. However, if you have not added Programmatic, then you are missing out on one the most efficient and effective tools to reach the people you need to reach and get those important sales. Our custom packages can be designed to fit most budgets. With programmatic you can reach over 90% of the world population. It is the most comprehensive online advertising available and new Artificial Intelligence and algorithm features ensures that campaigns will continue to grow in success.