Link Building Strategy

In 2018, link building was discovered to be an effective technique to rank your website on Google.

To stay ahead in the battle of 3.5 billion Google searches conducted every day, link building will once again be a key digital marketing strategy in the year 2019.

Google gives a significant place to backlinks in its ranking algorithm.

In fact, backlinks are one of the top 3 ranking factors for a website.

Further, the right backlinks can drive traffic, build credibility, generate leads and hence help to increase revenue. Therefore, it becomes imperative for businesses to maintain high-quality links for successful achievement of business objectives.

So, let us have a look at a few strategies that will dividend your link building and help you to grow your business in 2019-

1. Infographics:

Recently, link building through infographics have gained popularity and for good. The human brain processes visual image much faster than plain text. Visuals are impressive because they are relatable and hence are more shareable. In comparison to a blog post, an infographic post will get much more views. Another reason that makes infographics an effective digital marketing strategy is that infographics have been so far the approach to earn quality links from credible and leading publishers.

By creating an infographic, you share something that has higher engagement, is more shareable and earns you more backlinks to your site.

Ensure to make infographics an integral part of your content marketing. The layout and design of each infographic vary due to the difference in content and the creativity level. All in all, the time and effort invested for an infographic may be more but the result you get is worth.

So, once your infographic is ready, you must-

Create engaging content by inculcating Buzzwords into your infographics text. Embed the infographic on your website in order to attract more links. The embedded code makes it easier for the audience to link to your website and share your infographics. As a result, your website gets more links. Once your infographics are live, you can offer well-known bloggers to share your infographics sharing websites. Visit LinkLifting if you’re looking to build links.

2. Skyscraper Technique:

Skyscraper means the tallest building in the city. Similar is the concept for skyscraper technique in SEO. Once you figure out your best online content and further produce a higher version of the best content (tallest building in the city), it is known as skyscraper technique.

Building your skyscraper involves the followings steps-

  • Step 1 – Identification – Figure out the niche content that is most shared by the target audience. Use tools like Google AdWords and BuzzSumo.
  • Step 2- Content Curation – The next step is to create a comprehensive and better version of the article or blog post. Focus on adding helpful information to earn more shares and ranking for your article.
  • Step 3 – Get in touch with Influencers – Contact influencers that can promote the article with their network. Consistently check progress and track new backlinks.

3. Guest Posts:

Guest posts are done with the aim of earning links from established and trusted domains when there is trust built between both the parties. The web today is full of information and demands new and authentic content to be published daily. Hence, guest posts prove to be an effective SEO tactic that renders mutual benefit.

For guest posts, ensure that you submit content that is of your niche and relates to your target audience.

4. Influencer Marketing:

Before getting into influencer marketing, let us first understand who is an influencer. An influencer is someone who has an influence, is authoritative and has earned trust in his/her industry. A Influencer will promote your product or services across social media platforms to buy you links.

With that being said, when an influencer shares your product, he/she helps customers to make informed decisions, which also builds trust and loyalty towards the brand.

Influencer marketing is a slow and gradual process. You will not get followers soon as your content becomes live.

Utilize tools like Buzzstream and Pitchbox to approach influencers and create effective outreach content.

5. Link Roundup:

A blog post that features links to other people’s blog post is known as a link roundup. You can find weekly and monthly roundups in almost every niche. The aim is to share content with viewers from sources other than social media. Networking with bloggers builds relationships as well as help you earn links. Firstly, you can participate to get featured in a round-up.

Link roundups are the best way to promote your work. Hence, you can also participate in link roundup where you have to just publish a link and in result you get more backlinks to your website. If you choose to do it by yourself, SimplyLinked and Linky tools are platforms that offer a free account.

When you mention other bloggers in your articles, it is mutually beneficial. You not only earn links but also share valuable content with your targeted audience.

6. Broken Link Building:

Broken link building strategy enables you to reuse the old content into a new version.

So, here is how it goes –

You figure out dead links from popular pages, recreate your own version of the content, approach the webmaster to replace the dead link with a new link having your own version.

In a way, you are helping the webmaster to clear up website whilst building a link to yours.

When you find the process of finding and replacing links from your niche to be cumbersome, you can make use of tools such as Ahrefs broken link checker to explore and compare links.

  • Outreach – Outreach is another option for broken link building under which you can inform the site’s webmaster about your link building. Ensure that your email outreach covers three things namely – the recipient, broken link’s location and the proposed replacement.

Bonus Strategies:

Before you move ahead, ensure that you follow these tips –

  • Competitor’s strategy

    Some of the backlink strategies are all about making your webpage better than your competitors’ webpage. (for ex – skyscraper technique mentioned earlier). Using tools like Ahrefs can aid you in understanding the website’s backlink reports. Exercising this technique makes you aware of the websites that are linking to your competitors, which makes it easy to understand to which websites you need to build a relationship. And, yes, don’t just rely on a handful of websites. Search for more and more websites.

  • Deep content links

    In general, backlinks point on the home page. But it is advantageous if the link points on a particular web page. For example- In the case of products, it is best if the links point directly on the product or specific service page. As an immediate solution, you can reach out the websites that point on your homepage and request them to point on the particular webpage.

  • Invite industry experts to write a guest blog on your site

    Besides submitting a guest blog for others, also invite guest bloggers to write for your website. Also, this link building strategy works mutually. It goes without saying that they may also be mentioning your work on their website which will be visible to their followers. Through it, you will be able to earn more views and shares.

  • Referencing

Imagine writing a plain text or a content that is full of references. It is obvious that the later will earn more views. Statistics, figures, quotes are some referenceable that can earn you links. Search for a relevant keyword to get more backlinks.

  • Transcribe popular videos

Videos are an excellent option to get views. Nowadays, acquiring knowledge is simply a click away. Just click on YouTube and there are a plethora of related videos to watch. Before you reach out your target audience, use transcriptions for posting videos. Video related content will help in Google’s crawling process and the content will rank higher in Google if a user enters the same query.

  • Activate Google Alerts

If you want to get notified everytime someone mentions your brand name, activate Google Alerts. It is the most ignored but an amazingly helpful tool for link building.

  • Utilize SEO tools like Moz, Ahrefs and Google Analytics

    Before you plunge into outreach component, the first thing is to determine where you stand. Then use quality link resources such as Moz, Ahrefs and Google Analytics

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